Terms and Conditions

ChaseDaddy.com services and pricing is based on available rate card information at request and the time of publishing in net rates and subject to change without notice.

Client in any proposal if requested at the time of service will have final approval of creative or be responsible themselves or their developer.

Proposed prices and advertising locations are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an offer.

Final terms and conditions for the specified ChaseDaddy services is contingent upon execution of a mutually agreeable written advertising contract for those services between your company and ChaseDaddy.

Such contracts are subject to inventory and time availability, compliance with ChaseDaddy standard requirements, pre-existing contractual commitments, and applicable law.

ChaseDaddy neither reserves nor guarantees inventory on the basis of any proposal.

This proposal does not constitute a contract between your company and ChaseDaddy, and its terms, and all communications with respect to the proposal, create no reliance interest.

All information deemed reliable at time of publication but not guaranteed until you or your company is contracted.

ChaseDaddy is not responsible for your website security if you have your own designer or do not pay for premium hosting with malware, automated backups, and higher web page loading times on a dedicated server. You are responsible for your own security as well as your own backups if you do not pay $1,000 a year for dedicated hosting services. Any attempt to dispute a transaction made between you and ChaseDaddy will most likely be denied by the merchant. ChaseDaddy keeps all records of proposals, contracts, and encourages its customers to read the Terms of Service here before making any transactions or receiving any services.

ChaseDaddy reserves the right to suspend any account or website if it is infected by malware, not up to date with security, outdated website files and plugins, etc. If a customer or client does not create or maintain their own backup of the website ChaseDaddy is not responsible for any downtime or loss of business due to a client or customer not purchasing or requesting an upgraded hosting account.

ChaseDaddy guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate for your websites if they are secured, have up to date plugins and versions of all software and technology associated with the website on the back end in your CMS panel.

If you have any questions or requests for services and pending proposals and contracts please contact ChaseDaddy here: